Mod of the Day : Sims 4 Sex Animation

Upgrade your Sims 4 game to the adult edition with this mod I found last week !
It allows your sims to have sex everywhere, and not only under bed sheets :) :)... And you can select which position they fuck too
Next step : open a brothel in town :o

Sims 4 Sex Mod


Nice houses in sims 4 ⌂

House for a western lover

The pyramid home

Home for those who hesitate between Japanese architecture and Beverly Hills villa

The house of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The old campus-house to keep your student's spirit

The stadium house to watch games at home

The contemporary townhouse

The labyrinth house


The Sims 4

The Sims 4 was developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio. It is being published by the Electronic Arts , the famous publisher of many hard bound, realistic, furiously fantasising games like Need For Speed (NFS) series, FIFA series, Battlefield series, SimCity series, Star Wars series, Crysis series, Mass effect series etc. It falls under the genre of life simulation. It was released on 2nd September 2014 for windows platform. Later on a Mac compatible version was also made to be available. It is one of the first games to have epitomized in every aspect. It has also been announced as the best game for the two consecutive years of 2014, 2015. Though the game has achieved to earn a mixed review from the players, yet over five million copies were being sold across the globe.
The Sims 4 – as the name suggests it has got three predecessors. The concept is same as the prequel in which an individual have to create his or her sims which involves numerous customization like hair styles, outfits etc. and have to perform several tasks thereby unlocking new challenges and tournaments. The feel of being uniform or monotonous is completely assailed. Since there is no definite or hardbound objective in the game, the creative creation of the sin decides the individual’s lifestyle thereby imparting non-linearity to the gameplay.


The players have to create his or her Sim character, thereby controlling them – introducing or exploring new unique personalities. Sims is multitasked that is they can work while having conversations. Their mood also changes the gameplay. With relevance to the previous predecessors of Sims, player created challenges are inbound. Among them, the most common is the Legacy challenge. In Legacy challenge the individual have to create a singular Sim, and thereby have to make its blood line last for ten generations.

Creating a Sim

A major change one will notice is while creating the Sim. The old sliders have been annihilated. It’s being replaced with click, drag and pull. Through this particular, a player gains the ability to manipulate various physical features like face, abdomen, arm, chest, leg etc. of a Sim. The predecessor was not equipped with such realistic gameplay and facilities, only the fatness and fitness level can be adjusted or manipulated. The game comes with 40+ hairstyles for both genders. Not only wide range of hairstyles is available, but also various shades are present to impart a unique look to an individual’s Sim. One can also select predesigned Sims of various physical attributes. The game includes six life stages, likely – baby, child, teenager, young adult, adult and elder. In order to gain accessibility to the baby stage one have to opt for birth of a Sim. It is unavailable in the “create a Sim” menu. Compared to its predecessor, the Sims 4 is equipped with all clothing options across all types of wardrobes. Previously restrictions prevailed. Players can access up to five apparel of a particular category. A filter panel is also available where one can easily sort them on the basis of colour, material, style, content, fashion choice etc.

Buy and build mode

In the sim4 the built and buy mode has been upgraded and got occluded in a single mode. This is one of the fresh features that the game offers to its players. An elaborated build and buy mode is exhibited with landscaping and neighbourhood. You can unlock the locked buy mode with the expansion of your career in the game. The total building, rooms, wall heights can be adjusted in this version.
The game offers a pool feature. Which means you will be provided with the offer of choosing custom version of square, triangular and octagonal pool tools. In addition, there is cheats available like mother lode which allows the player to earn $50,000 automatically.

The Gallery

The sims4 has an inclusion of social features. The Gallery allows you to import sims and houses made of other people from the player's gallery. Players are allowed to present their houses and sims to the gallery, so the other players can download and include in their games. The gallery version is published on 9th January, 2015 by EA for the android and IOS devices.


The game sim4 lives and moves around 2 worlds, Oasis Spring and Willow Creek. Each world comprises 21 lots and five neighbourhoods. Introduction of Windenburg took place in the Get Together extension of the particular.


The Sims 4 is actually being developed by the Sims Studio which is a subsidiary division of Electronic Arts (EA), the godfather being Maxi, though the predecessors were developed by Sims Studio alone. Constant internet connectivity is not required but initial installation demands so because one must possess an origin account for access. Orchestral soundtracks being composed by Ilan Eshkeri and was performed by London Metropolitan Orchestra. On 20th August, 2013 the game was revealed and the trailer was flashed at Gamescom. The release date was flashed in front of the mob at Electronic Entertainment Expo, though preview of buildings and system of character creation was exposed in early 2014.
The scheduled date of the Sims 4 game's was in the early 2014, but later the release date got rescheduled and it finally got released in September 2014. On 28th June a video depicting the realistic originality of Sims hit the web.

Mac Development

Preliminarily Electronic Art unveiled that The Sims 4 will be available for both Windows and Mac platform. But later on a devastative statement came forward from the developers as they stated that they are initially designing and focussing on windows platform and thereby depriving the Mac owners. Later on International Business Times team was informed that the developers are on a Mac version. Ultimately on 2nd February the official through their Twitter feed revealed the release date of Mac compatible version. The epic date was 17th February. After all this hustle and bustle, the game received several controversy related to the feature – but none of them could tremble the foundation of such a hard core, realistic and minimalistic gameplay.